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Mélina's glass beads

23 rue du Colonel Yves Massié
91700 Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois

Latitude : 48.654447 / Longitude : 2.31149

06 50 13 46 18
Artisan d'art
Mélina Meynier is a glass spinner with a blowtorch. She creates glass beads and objects in this material full of nobility.


Mélina beads are made from Murano glass rods, one by one by hand in her workshop. She works with the fusion of glass, patterns and colors. Each bead is annealed in a special oven at 480 ° for several hours to guarantee excellent impact resistance. She then imagines and creates each piece of jewelry with a constant concern for the originality, quality and uniqueness of each creation.

Mélina Meynier has also developed a new line of tableware accessories. She draws her inspiration by following fashion trends and produces two collections per year. Thus, her clients follow her throughout the seasons and have been loyal to her for 12 years now. Participating in many designer fairs, she also shows her workshop during the open houses that she organizes twice a year. She will give you a demonstration with a torch, and why not a creation that looks like you!