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The Juine's honey house

1 rue du Général Leclerc
91220 Brétigny-sur-Orge

Latitude : 48.609619 / Longitude : 2.304126

06 81 34 85 12
This beekeeper offers a wide range of local honeys.


Félix Rousseau aspires, in his profession of beekeeper, to respect for life and good environmental practices. Always passionate about the work of bees, amateur beekeeper for many years, he made it his profession in 2016.

He currently operates 300 bee colonies in Essonne and Loiret. These beehives are maintained throughout the year. He also breeds queens so that he can renew his herd. Its honey house, located in the Loiret, is modernized in 2020. His honeys are local, unmixed and without additions. Worked cold, they retain all the nutrients.

Its current range consists of fairly classic honeys: Gâtinais flowers, Spring flowers, acacia flowers, but also more original flavors: sunflowers, buckwheat flowers, onion flowers, carrot flowers, coriander flowers, bramble and forest flowers, parsley flowers ...

He also shows the honey house, by appointment.

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