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Les Nicettes caramels

Place de la Fontaine
91190 Saint-Aubin

Latitude : 48.718227 / Longitude : 2.122353

01 71 17 83 03
Produit en Île-de-France
Les Nicettes offers caramels, milk jam, cookies and other sweets, made locally with simple ingredients.


The history of the Nicettes begins in 1935, in a small village in the Pyrenees mountains... with caramels. Nicette, a generous, gentle woman who loves good products, has created a unique recipe for tender caramels. Unique because it is based on a clever mix of simple, quality products: sugar and crème fraîche... That's it!

Since then, the original recipe has been passed down through the generations, keeping the secret of its flavor. So, it was only natural that in 2012, Laurent Lavis, Nicette's grandson, decided to perpetuate this authentic recipe by founding Les Nicettes with Ralph Coussa, a childhood friend. The artisanal manufacturing method remains unchanged and delighted the taste buds of the most greedy.

Continuing the work of Nicette by perpetuating the tradition while developing new flavors for caramels, they have developed new products. They have thus expanded and diversified the range. Making cookies, sweets, financiers… nothing stops them! In search of THE recipe to create a perfect alchemy between each of the ingredients of all the sweets offered.

Exceptional sweets are handpicked and presented in elegant and customizable packaging.