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Isa's mosaics workshop

9 rue des Colnottes
91330 Yerres

Latitude : 48.715822 / Longitude : 2.469856

06 86 91 94 35
Artisan d'art
Isa's mosaic workshop offers jewelry, decorations and various mosaic objects to embellish your daily life.


Mosaic artist for more than 10 years, Isabelle Abraham-Desange has always sought to acquire new techniques to develop her creations. In 2017, she discovered working the land with a ceramist, opening up other perspectives for her. From then on, she thought about associating these two passions and today, she creates mosaics like a puzzle in which she shapes each piece in clay. She then combines these enamelled pieces with the more traditional mosaic materials (marble, slate, shale, porcelain stoneware ...) for creations that are both useful and decorative.