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Atelier Racine 108 ceramics workshop

8, Avenue du 18 Avril
91200 Athis-Mons

Latitude : 48.698396 / Longitude : 2.384707

06 63 08 89 19
Artisan d'art
This workshop is an artisanal pottery workshop located in Athis-Mons.


In a Chinese dictionary the root 108, called Ming, is the key to finding vase, cup, plate, cup, bowl, dish, jug, box, etc.

Christelle Decker's potteries are mainly utility pieces, containers and crockery. The intention is to make everyday objects for regular use that we never tire of, without sophistication.

She chose sandstone for its "raw" side. it can thus evoke the nature, the sincerity, the solidity, the origins. The sandstones used are of different colors and textures depending on the projects. The shapes produced are simple. She seeks the evocation of light, of beauty.

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All year round.