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Parc de l'hôtel de ville

Place du 8 Mai 1945
91380 Chilly-Mazarin

Latitude : 48.703 / Longitude : 2.3118

The parc de l'hôtel de ville in Chilly-Mazarin, extends over 3 hectares and in addition to the usual services provided by the townhall, also offers family-friendly activities.


Over the years, the park has been home to three different châteaux, culminating in the current Hôtel de Ville, an old aristocratic house that was built in 1822.

The park offers a range of activities for adults and children alike. The pond is a nice quiet place to relax and daydream. There's also an educational kitchen garden and play areas for children.

Black swans, white swans, scaups, geese, mallard ducks, moorhens, common coots and other aquatic birds all share the park pond.

In the middle of the park, near the pond is a mini, educational zoo where visitors can observe donkeys, goats, sheep and other farm animals.

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