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Richard's poultry farm

142 route de Méréville
91690 Guillerval

Latitude : 48.354858 / Longitude : 2.087599

07 60 99 10 83
Produit en Île-de-France
Richard Piriou established his own poultry farm in 2014, on the family farm in Guillerval in the south of Essonne.


Son of farmers, this poultry farmer raises bare-necked chickens, farm guineafowls, as well as capons for the end of year celebrations. All are raised in a natural outdoor setting and wander through a grassy path of several dozen hectares.

The farmer also cultivates cereals on part of his farm according to a sustainable agriculture. Richard's poultry are fed with wheat and corn from the farm but also with oilseeds and protein crops.

Richard Priou sells his products on the markets of Etampes or Auvers-Saint-Georges (every other Saturday morning) and then on the markets of Guillerval or Saint-Cyr-la-Rivière (every other Saturday afternoon). It is also possible to place an order directly with the breeder and collect the poultry from the farm.

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