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Créations Chocolat

68 avenue de Paris
91790 Boissy-sous-Saint-Yon

Latitude : 48.546673 / Longitude : 2.215353

06 64 96 67 76
Créations Chocolat offers original and personalized objects in high quality chocolate.


Brigitte Humbert only uses top quality pure cocoa butter chocolates, such as pure Ecuadorian dark chocolate, Vietnam pure milk chocolate or Ruby chocolate (the new naturally pink and fruity chocolate). She thus makes her subjects and delicious chocolate treats (chocolate almonds, orangettes, crispy bites…).
She designs and makes her own molds to create new models and respond to tailor-made creations. The shop and the laboratory are open to taste his chocolate creations. It also offers chocolate without added sugar.
Finally, she shares with you her passion during chocolate workshops, for adults and children on site or in your premises.

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