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Bouville - Farcheville Castle

Route de Farcheville
91880 Bouville

Latitude : 48.425679 / Longitude : 2.286336

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This feudal fortress was built in the late 13th century.


This feudal fortress was built in the late 13th century. According to an inscription still visible in 1667, the castle was built for Hugues de Bouville. Farcheville Castle is a lowland fortress, an unusual arrangement for the region. Notably, it includes a large rectangular enclosure surrounded by moats, flanked by towers at the corners whose machicolations are carried by large broken arches between the buttresses. In the middle of one side, the entrance opens into the rectangular courtyard, next to a pavilion dating from the early 17th century. The old stately house was probably in the south-east, which had already become the castle farm in the 18th century.
Inside the castle, you will find a stately room, a tithe barn, commons, a dovecote, sheds and stables, a vaulted chapel with decor probably dating from the early 14th century. After some revolutionary destruction, a restoration was undertaken between 1811 and 1840. From 1899, important restorations were carried out on the enclosure.

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