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Romanian Orthodox Metropolis Church

1, bd du Général Leclerc
91470 Limours

Latitude : 48.644826 / Longitude : 2.075595

01 64 91 59 24
Unique in France! The Church of the Metropolitan residence of Limours is a church entirely covered with wood and with beautiful interior frescoes, in the style of the Maramuresh region (northern Romania).


Unique in France and Western Europe (exept a similar church built in Geneva), the Romanian Orthodox Metropolis Church put in evidence by its architecture, icons, frescoes, forms and colors, the splendor of uncreated light, the peace given by the risen Christ, the transfigured human condition, expression of heaven and new earth, which are already in germ in this life. The church has an iconostasis (bulkhead decorated with images, icons) that separates the Nave from the Heart. The outside is in rough wood and the roof, in bardo.

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All year round, daily between 10 am and 6 pm.


Free of charge. A donation for the interview is always welcome.


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