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Le Pot d'Hermine ceramicist

16 ruelle aux Brunets
91100 Villabé

Latitude : 48.589277 / Longitude : 2.45967

Manufacture of utility or decorative objects in stoneware - ceramic


I discovered the pleasure of working the terracotta in 2010, during a filming internship. My passion for clay being stronger and stronger, I followed trainings from year to year, and finally I decided to set up my own ceramic workshop. I chose to work with sandstone, for its raw appearance and its solidity, but also thanks to the memories that I kept of old objects that I used in my grandmother's. I try to give my pieces of sandstone a more contemporary style, and thus play between the modern and the old, the past and the present. On the sandstone, the enamel reflects natural, warm tones that brighten and soften our daily lives. What I love is feeling the earth in my hands, exploring the various forms it can take, and then looking for paths in the endless possibilities of melting enamel. When I devote myself to my creations, time no longer exists!

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