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Le château du Parterre

Esplanade Jean Moulin
91410 Dourdan

Latitude : 48.52902 / Longitude : 2.015606

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Built in the 18th century, this castle shelters the City Hall today. The Parc du Parterre was a French formal garden in the tradition of the French gardener Le Nôtre. It was open to the public at the end of the 19th century.


Michel Jacques Lévy, councilor of the King and bailiff of Dourdan, undertook the building of the château du Parterre in 1725. This beautiful dwelling was bought by Madame de Verteillac, the wife of the governor of Dourdan, in 1739. As many great ladies of the 18th century, she had a valued literary and philosophical salon. The Parterre was often to the population of Dourdan on the occasion of public celebrations. In 1793, the Parterre became a public property and the buildings were turned into barracks. In 1809, the heirs of Verteillac sold it to the town, which became the only owner of the castle in 1863.

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