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La Ferme des P'tits Bergers - Wool farm

15 route de Méréville
91670 Angerville

Latitude : 48.31254 / Longitude : 2.00786

07 87 03 50 84
These farmers raise goats and sheep for wool, which is processed locally.


On her farm, Sandrine welcomes a small herd of Angora goats and Shetland sheep raised solely for their wool (the famous mohair), for eco-grazing and for cuddles. The animals graze in its meadows, in Essonne département and in the nearby Loiret département. Thus, part of the herd is visible in the town of Angerville and of Pussay.

To shelter her animals, she uses the old sheepfolds of the farm. Indeed, they welcomed until in the 90 a flock of sheep. Today, most of the farm's activity is focused on the production of cereals and sugar beets. The arrival of goats and sheep also made it possible to develop new production for animals: small weights, alfalfa, hay and straw. This is how her animals can benefit from local and quality food produced on the farm.

She processes some of the wool on the farm. Thus, for part of the mohair, it works under the label "Mohair of our goats" and transforms, with 40 other breeders, its wool. You can thus discover the balls, socks, sweaters, etc. at the shop. Part of the sheep's wool is transformed on the farm and in Nicolas Poupinel's workshop, which specializes in artisanal felt.

The farm offers its mohair and sheep's wool products (clothing, decoration, balls) in its Loiret shop and in several Essonne markets. The wool is partly transformed on the farm and during events.

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